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Costal Rico Sunset Photo by Emanuel Yeoman


Sunset over the Ocean Costa Rico!
Costal Rico Sunset Photo by Emanuel Yeoman

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 WHO IS WISDOM?   Alias “WHOP” BIOGRAPHY       Multi-talented Artist/Producer, President of Pleasant House Productions, and Founder of Whop-N-Em” Maryland’s premiere rap-group/band.Wisdom Speeks brings has been illuminating his audiences with a unique style of Global Soul music under the moniker of “Whop” which stands for Wisdom-Hope-Opportunity- and most of all Peace. Through his music and videos he makes colorful observations, shedding light on people and society; the ups and downs of life as he knows it.       Wisdom Speeks’ fan base is both young and old, rich and poor.  They all come to appreciate his brand of musical story-telling; a distinctive rhythm that beats in the hearts and heads of listeners long after the music stops. His goal is to communicate to all who care to hear, the consequences of not confronting and examining the choices we make in life.  Wisdom says, “Tomorrow is not promised to anyone so I tell the truth today because with wisdom there is hope that opportunity can bring peace.”    This native of Seat Pleasant, Md., has been producing music since age 15 for various artists such as Grammy award winning Bone-Thugs And Harmony, and multi-platinum artist Snoop Dogg just to name a few. Before producing others, there was “Whop” and his saxophone playing for such artist as E.U., Hot Cold Sweat, Class Band and Show, just to name a few. By the age of 23, Whop Wisdom had already produced, manufactured, and marketed several underground musical masterpieces including; “What Ya Gonna Do” (Eriko/Warlock), “Welcome 2 Da District” (Eriko/Sumthing), and “Rollin em Up” (Eriko Records). Wisdom also produced an original soundtrack for the movie “Guilty by Association” starring Morgan Freeman. All of the works created and executed by Whop has a total sales volume of over 600,000 copies.  ThoughWisdom is an avid vocalist, Wisdom does not define himself as just that. He says, “I simply call it production from a beat to a bassline, from a bassline to a chorus”. He wants people to listen to, enjoy, and learn from his music. He says, “Take heed to what I am bringing because there’s a message in everything that I produce”.    Wisdom is a seasoned professional with broad-based experience in several areas of mass-media (TV/Film) production, marketing, audio/video engineering, and public relations. He has managed (7) network television shows as well as project and maintain multi-million dollar budgets for BET (Black Entertainment Television).   Wisdom Speeks alias “Whop” is co-founder of the “Big Brother to Troubled Teens” (BBTT) mentor program geared towards youth rejuvenation. And in 1997, he received The Urban-City Achievement Award, (1999) the prestigious Golden Oak Leaf Award, (1998) The Navy High-Commendation Award, (2) Independent Film Projects, and numerous radio, television, news- talk shows, conference panels, workshops, seminars, and articles several national magazines and newspapers



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Fresh Flava Entertainment is a private minority owned Entertainment Company, which was established in 1989, by entrepreneur Emanuel Maurice "Moe" Yeoman. Fresh Flava Entertainment has collaborated with a host of recording artists over the years such as Jermaine Dupri, Heavy D, Lil' Kim, Roy Ayers, Warren G, The Brothers Johnson, Kriss Kross, Shawnie Baby, Royale Watkins, Con Funk Shun, SOS Band, Alias featuring Marguerite, Father MC, Shanice, Parliament Funkadelic, JustIn Tyme, The Gap Band, Hard Hitters and The Sounds of Blackness, just to name a few. Jazz saxophonist "SKI" Johnson's, CDs entitled "In Your Eyes" & "Ski Supreme" featuring Tony Terry, Allison Williams and Roy Ayers is managed under the auspices of Fresh Flava Entertainment. Fresh Flava also manages several up and coming recording artists and entertainers such as LaWanda Ellis, who traveled with the hit play, "Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys", Uniting The Elements based in Germany with CD’s entitled “FIRST YOU MUST BLEED”, “ILLUMINATE” & “BLACK RAIN”, B.J. Snowden CD entitled “LIFE IN THE USA AND CANADA”, Elliot Levine's CD's entitled Urban Groove & Smash, Pure Gold a hot Gospel CD entitled "THE FIRST TAKE", Singer Song Writer "NiNika". Look for her new single entitled "PAPER CHASE", coming to a store near you soon, Rapper "Rexx Dizog" featuring Rapper "Dreami Drew", DJ Special K formerly of MAGIC 102.3(You can see the Special K show Saturdays at DC LIVE), DJ Sir Jamm Delaware's hottest Tri-State DJ, DJ T-ROCK Hip-Hop R&B and Old School Funk, DJ Lucky WPGC, DJ Boo featuring DJ BabyFace Show at the Ritz Night Club each and every Saturday, DJ ILL-Skills Spinning since the early age of thirteen, Shade, Jelani Jenkins, Renee Sitney, Bruce Jones "Tomaro" and MC DJ BIGG DAE DAE formerly of WOL 1450 & WKYS. You can catch the DAE DAE show at MAGIC Q Freaky Fridays. These are the artists and entertainers that make-up the Fresh Flava Entertainment Family.


Elliot Levine


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"Achieving The Impossible"

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